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We are what you would call idiots. We work long days for almost no pay and expect nothing in return. Whether you want a short movie, documentary, commercial content of any kind or just have the urge for coffee, we’re your next call.


Gäddan som alltid högg.

It took us six years and a lot of hard work until we reached our goal, to be featured on the Swedish public service, SVT. This is the documentary of our trip north, our hunt for pike and the steps in the footprints of a Swedish legend.


Pike Fight

This is our biggest crowd pleaser. It’s a competition, a fight, a grind. Pike Fight was created by Söder Sportfiske and carried out by us at Freewater Pictures. At this moment it’s the biggest sport fishing competition viewer vise in Europe.



We do a lot more than we show our youtube or TV viewers. One of which is Volkswagen locally adapted films. This is a good example what we could do with a limited budget and an open mind.



The Shop

Are you running out of clothes, caps, lures, coffee? We are here for you.

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You know that production company you worked with the last time? The one who had a list of people joining on the set longer than the average child’s christmas wish list. We are exactly like them, except we are all those people compressed in two or three. Why complicate stuff? Hire 30 people for the price of three. Seems like kinda good deal doesn’t it?

We work with this because we love it, not to be rich or famous. And we hope that you’ll see that in the end product. If you don’t trust us, check out our Youtube-channel. That shit is pure passion.






work hours


cups of coffee

Oskar Stenberg

Co Founder

Optimistic pessimist with ambitions on being an opportunist.

Erik Lundin

Co Founder

In another dimension this guy is a camera.

Simon Karlsson

Photo, Editing

Everything is fun and nothing is impossible when your nickname is "The Synthesizer"

Matteus Kurpiel

Photo, Editing

Handyman with tools, cameras and especially Premiere Pro.

Johan Bäck

Co Founder

Johnny, the man of a thousand ideas. Also called Commander Bird Legs.

Markus Wickelgren

Co Founder

Why settle with a great shot from the ground when you can get a better one from the tree tops?

Peter Djup

Photo, Editing

Give this man a glass of red wine and his creativity goes through the roof.

Oscar Xavier Holmgren

Photo, Editing, Gear

What this man doesn't know about camera gear isn't worth knowing.


” The Freewater guys are experts in capturing the magic. That´s why we turn to them – true professionals and so likeable that we never want the days with them to end.”
Andreas Ollinen – Sportfiskarna

” You guys deliver above expectations every single time. Incredible. ”
Daniel Andersson – Nigab

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach us by calling or the message service to the right.


Call Oskar 0708807676

Call Johan 0733522319

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